Hello everyone. My name is Chris and I am the administrator of BuffyTube. I wanted to post a discussion asking, Do You Like BuffyTube? Please, give me your feedback!
I need to know what things you like, and alsoo, what think you think I need to improve in? Thanks, and I hope you are enjoying your time here! :D

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I love it!
it was such an amazing idea to create this :D
Me too... you've done an amazing job darl :) how do you dwnload songs btw?
I think you have to have Quicktime Pro installed to your computer. I didn't realize that.
Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoy it! :)
Ahh rite, Bummer :(
I love it!

Do you have problems with Fox removing videos like they do on Youtube?
Hi I'm new here and I've just started having a look around. I hope you can clarify something for me please.

What's the policy here for vids that have clips taken from other vidders?? Clip theft is frowned upon in the general vidding community and is rife on YouTube which is one of the reasons why I don't post there.

I've seen one here already, I'd hate to have to trawl through all of them to see what else is around.
On here, no problems at all! It's totally off Fox's radar so no worries :)
Yes, I was actually just thinking about that yesterday and I have been trying to think of a way we can work out that problem here but what I lack is people.
I need more admins on this site because as of now, I am the only one and I will be announcing a request for 3 new administrators very soon...
Maybe if you're interested... message me and we can talk about it :)
But, something will be done about that problem
Thanks Jordan! You are such a great friend! :D
Hi. I think it's a great idea. I was given the site address a while ago, but been busy and time went by and it slipped my mind, until the other day when four of my vids gor slammed with the copyright all at once, and some where my favorite ones. Then thankfully I remembered this site, so thank you! Gladly appreciate you being here.
i love it :)


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